Since the invent of digital recording in the 1980's the recording industry's movement towards a faster and cheaper forms of recording has become a reality. But is faster and cheaper really better? Most of the great recordings in musical history were recorded onto magnetic recording tape. And most of the biggest bands today still record on tape, because they know it sounds better. It's richer, fuller and warmer.
Outside Inside recording facilities have been offering real analog tape recordings for over ten years. Some of the biggest independent labels and artists have been working exclusively with Outside Inside knowing that they know how to deliver the sounds that astound! Outside Inside's engineers know what great records sound like, and even more important, they know how to make great records.
Located in the town of Montebelluna, just 45 minutes away from the scenic and romantic setting of Venice, Italy. Outside Inside is easy to get to either by car, train or by plane via the Treviso-Venice airport. Within his confortable rooms it offers a peerlees level of the analog recording, using a choice of several types of reel to reel tape recorders, other than one of the best digitally conversion's tecnology and the facilities of Pro Tools digital editing.
So, what are you waiting for? Book your next recording session now as the ever growing time schedule at Outside Inside fills up quick!

Beside recording and mixing services we also offer:

Mix online: upload your files and give us the pleasure to mix your recordings though our vintage analog devices.

Tape transfer: (on 2 track 1/4" tape though a Studer a80 machine) warm up your recordings passing your digital mix through tape.
Mastering: combining our analog gear and digital state-of-the-art plug ins to give you the best results.

tape transfer from old master tapes and digital clean up including de-hiss, de-noise, de-clicks, phase settings, equalization...

Studio renting:
wanna record with your trusted engineer?  rent our studio!

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